IELTS speaking test, Question Review ,What happened and how should prepare?

IELTS speaking test is most important part of IELTS test. Here I will discuss the question type and answering tips.

IELTS speaking test consist three parts and may take 10-15 minutes

  • Part-1: Interview
  • Part2: Long Turn
  • Part-3: Two way discussion

Part One

In this portion the examiner ask a simple question may be personal questions. The topic may be about yourself, study, where you live, how you spend holy day, your school, college etc.

Question example:
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you play any sports?
  • Who is your favorite person?
  • How you spend holyday?

How should you answer the questions?
You should answer the questions with short description.
Never use only “Yes” or “no” to reply. You can add a short description with your answer.
You can add an example with short description.

Answer Example:
Where are you from?
Answer: I am from Rajshahi of Bangladesh which is in south asia.
Do you play any sports?
Answer: I like to play football and also swimming. I swim in our village pond.
Why are you studying IELTS?
Answer: It’s important to my study. I am going to England to complete MBA. IELTS status is important there.

Part Two

Here a term is given to a student. Student have to talk about it. Student can take some time to point uot about the topic.
Question Example:
Describe the place you visited last picnic

  • You should say:
  • Where this was?
  • Why the place is important?
  • What has happened there?
  • How you went and return?

Describe a book you have read.

You should say:
  • ·    About the book and author
  • ·    Reason you choose.
  • ·    Why you like this?
  • ·    Recommend for fried.

How should you answer
You should take one minute time to prepare and take point on this topic
Explain the point shortly with personal command
Maintain proper time. Short or detail your topic according to your time
you should take two minutes for this topic.

Part Three
It may more difficult than previous parts. Here the examiner ask question according to the previous topic.

Example question:
If your topic on part two be The “Picnic” than the questions may be like
  • What benefit may get from picnic?
  • Do you think people are going materialistic?
  • Was the place best of you visited?
  • Do you want to visit there next time?

How should you answer:

You may answer short “Yes” or “no”
If you need more time to answer, you can say like “Well, Let me think…..”
If you don’t understand the question, you should ask like

If you don’t understand a word or phrase you can say..
“Sorry, could you what you mean by……”
“I haven’t come across the word/expression……cold you explain?”
If you don’t hear anything you can say
“ Excuse me, I didn’t catch that. Could you say that again”
“I am sorry. Could you reapiting that”
If you make sure about any thing, you can say
“Do you mean….”
“When you say…… you mean……..”

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