Five Carton Video to Learn English

Different techniques you can use to learn English. You may be bored to learn English. Just open a interesting way to learn English. These cartoon can help you for IELTS or TOEFL. I have collected videos from youtube for you.

5 Youtube Channel/Playlist for IELTS Students

I am mentioning five youtube channels/ playlist to learn by video. If you can learn easily with the video tutorial of IELTS this will be extra advantage for you. I think anyone can learn IELTS from these video and no need to go to organization.

Basic things of IELTS Listening Test

Here is some basic thing about IELTS listening test

There are 4 section of the IELTS Listening test- Section one, two,three and four.
Section one and two questions are about social and family situation. Section three and four are academic.

IELTS Speaking Tips by Liz

1. Greeting the examiner 

IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner. Learn useful tips for the 4 questions asked by the examiner for the greeting and ID check at the start of the IELTS speaking test. Make sure you are fully prepared, confident and ready to give the examiner a good first impression.

IELTS Listening Practice and Tips Section-1

This video show you the Name addressing. you have to follow 5 important tips to spell the names.
1. Capital Letters
2. Spelling
3. common Names
4. Initials
5. Common Names

IELTS Listening Tips: Predicting Answers with Preposition

IELTS will give you to read the text to predict the answer. Here you can learn how to predict and think about real answer.
This video will show you the use of the preposition of at, in, on

IELTS Speaking Text Indian Student Video

English speaking people may have different accent based on location. Here is some speaking test videos of indian students.

IELTS Speaking Test, Jaspreet Kaur Gill (Malout)

Girls are making fun and learn

Here is some inspiration video if you are new IELTS student. In this videos you will see the students are telling about them in English. These koreans girls were some times emotional when they are on cam and teeling English. But just try like them. I think you can make better in English.

How IELTS is becoming popular in recent years?

 International English Language Testing System is becoming more popular than ever before in recent years. The worldwide popularity increases and so some universities opes common  IELTS course.

The popularities of IELTS increases rapidly on Countries on Middle East.

Margot Politis : IELTS Video Series Part-One (Video-1 to 8)

Margot Politis has a beautiful way of teaching the IELTS students. You just can watch the videos and follow people who speaks English. The full video have interesting description and word to word discussion. I think This kind of teacing is very important for different locality. These video series have 26 videos and will

IELTS is entering into the syllabus in more than 3000 USA Institute and Universities

IELTS is becoming the worldwide recognized format. It is becoming the world recognized and standard. How ever TOEFL is more popular in USA and some other universities. Now another 3000 institution and universities in USA starts the IELTS course. Here is the video with the exam hall and institute.

Online writing course: some great website links

This post is not only for the IELTS students but also for the technical writers. Previous time I have suggested some websites for vocabulary.

  1. Learn to Write a Feasability Study You will be sent a newsletter containing a complete course syllabus with links to all the lessons in this free, online course. The course is self-paced, but will guide you through the entire process of preparing, writing, and presenting a complete business feasibility study.

IELTS in Bangladesh

A large amount of peoples Bangladesh are interested to leave abroad for their earnings. Basically the students want to make him an foreign citizen. Though the most of the peoples of here are in Middle east. There is no citizenship their and so peoples of Bangladesh wants to go to Europe, Australia and Canada. There is a plenty of chance of getting student VISA of these countries if students have good results and Good IELTS scores as well as qualification.

100 + World's Best IELTS Book Collection

This is the Hot file and Rapid share great collection with big resource of IELTS books you may not get ever. I am interested to help you.

1. Cambridge IELTS 6 Students Book with Answers – Audio CD and eBook

In the rar file there is Audio and also corresponding pdf book. You can enjoy it fully free 20 MB book.

Important Documents For IELTS

This is a collection of important documents that you may not seen yet. In your exam you may see the documents. Here all are in pdf format and in small in size. I thonk you can download and print the documents for your study developments.Some days ago I have published some important tips and tricks in pdf file that helped students much.

Writing Answer Sheet
(PDF Document - 73KB)
This is IELTS answer sheet that you will get in your IELTS exam hall

Time control in IELTS exam Hall

Some times it is said that Time is your greatest enemy. Actually many students fall in this problem in exam hall. Here is some tips to control time with your writings in exam.

1. In reading module, There some passages and you have to try to answer all the questions. Never waste much time with the harder questions. you have to choice to answer the easy questions first.
2. Wear a watch in exam hall, schedule time previously and follow while you completed some parts. Here is the time chart for your exam.

Total time
Time for each question
30 min
.75 min
60 min
.67 min
60 min
30 min
11-14 min
You have to make another schedule of time for every sub-part. and follow completing the answers.

IELTS result and brand list

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IELTS student are grouped in some brand. Students are differentiate in following 10 brands. result is held in such way.

Smart practise or Hardworking for IELTS?

Every student have his own style of practicing. Some work hard but don't get high score and there also some students who does not work hard, they have an way of learning and they get great score.

Many student delay their exam that they think their preparation is not well enough to participate in exam

There are variety of tests your in Exam in one day. Good mental  preparation is also needed.

Rad Danesh have written  some tips for IELTS students. I can get a chance to share this with you.

20+ tips for IELTS exam

Here is some tips and trick in examination Hall. Students some times have much problem with their exam activity though having good preparation. In this topics. There some tips and trick there have no problem in listening,reading,writing and reading. There was other tips and tricks in my previous topics. You can keep in mind all the tips. links are bellow:

Graph writing Tips in IELTS Exam

In the writing test graph is very much important task. In previous example you have heard about the questions and answer system. Now here I will discuss just about some tips and tricks on writing answers.

01. Divided your topics having introduction, body and conclusion.
02. Use sweetable grammar and vocabulary to describe the graph
03. Make sure about word limit about your topic